Finding Peace within the Joy...

I know too well how it is to feel overwhelmed by all the season's to-dos and activities...

  • recitals
  • dinners
  • parties
  • dinner parties
  • shopping
  • wrapping
  • baking
  • cooking
  • decorating
  • hot chocolate nights
  • crafts
  • Christmas movies
  • put the Elf on the shelf...
  • I'm tired already!

How about we plan for the season to run effortlessly, so we can enjoy every activity we do? This is one of those times when we get hung up on the minutiae and the season's joy turns into stress.

Our 2022 Holiday Planner is here to help you find peace within the joys!



Hi, I'm Flavia!

...and when the holidays roll around, I can't help but feel a little anxious.

I want to try every recipe I see on Pinterest, decorate every corner of our home, make crafts, bake cookies, send cards, watch Christmas movies, drink all the hot chocolate, and buy everyone I love so.many.presents!

So much to do, so little time!

If this sounds anything like you, look no further. My free Holiday Planner will remove the stress and bring you so much joy!

Why? Because it forces you to slow down, see the big picture, and plan only on the things that matter! Spoiler personal favorite is the Holiday Focus Sheet.

👇🏻 Get it now - FREE - for a limited time! 👇🏻

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